Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Party Playhouse Round Two

We went back to the Party Playhouse on Columbus day (aka Canadian Thanksgiving). While it's not a holiday for Brett, it was a school holiday and the playhouse was a zoo! Nonetheless, we (I, especially) had a lot of fun and in the process of having fun, I broke my back. My kids are too heavy.

By the time I was introduced to the ball pool, I was too old to go into it. I've always wanted to jump into one. Kira is pictured here as enjoying herself in the pool but really it was I who did the jumping in and screaming and cheering.

Hayden enjoying the jumping house.

"What? You want this ball back?"

Kira sharing a ride with her friend Dylan.

Here is a video of us having fun in the jumping house.

And here is one of us in the pool of balls.

After the playhouse, we went costume shopping with our friends. We were in the hats section and guess what kind of hat Kira chose?

She seriously thinks she is queen of the world.

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