Saturday, October 11, 2008

Costumes WIP

I was going to wait until Halloween to post about the costumes I am making for the kids. I am still not done but I think the major parts are finished and I am very excited about them. The girl's costume is easy. I tried a sewing pattern that didn't work out so I went back to knitting. It fits her quite well and she likes wearing it.

The boy's costume is much trickier. I couldn't find a pattern so I was toying with the idea of maybe knitting one but Brett told me that's crazy. I bought every kind of gray furry fabric they had but still had no idea how I was going to do it. I had many many many different ideas in mind but none seemed to work. Then, I found this pattern in one of my sewing magazines and went from there. Their original idea is way way sweeter than what I ended up with. I think my work is more cartoony.

It was a lot of fun to make. Kira was out that day and so it was just me and baby and he totally let me work and graciously modeled the piece a million times. It took all of 3 hours from start to finish and my room now looks like some animals have had a party or fight in there. The process was a lot of trial and error and I didn't even bother drafting a pattern. I just cut out pieces of fur and sewn it onto pieces of felt/fleece and held it up to see how it looked.

So, I still have to make a tail for the boy; find him a grey shirt/pants/pj; find or make a basket for the girl and I think we are set. Weeeeeee!

As if I can resist putting up pictures of my baby Wolfie.

I have since finished the costume and here is a video of baby wearing it. You can also check out the posts filed under Halloween for more pictures. I will keep putting them up as we take them.


Anonymous said...

Poor Hayden has become a wolf! E

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is flippin adorable!!! Please post more pictures!

tjoyy said...

Oh I am jealous and in awe you can check ou my woofie costume attempts at my family blog site - not quite as tricky as yourself!