Thursday, December 10, 2009

Renewed Friendships

My children are forgetful. When they meet people, they fall in love but when they no longer have access to those people, they forget. Out of sight, out of mind, right? 4 months ago when we were in V town, the girl declared my friends her BFFs. After we came home, she is all "auntie who?" So I was a little skeptical that they will remember my friends when they come to visit us. Fortunately they warmed up in no time at all. Now, both kids have reconnected with their BFFs and have happily embraced the new addition to my friends' family.

"Let's read a book!"

The "I love you so much" attack.

The girls.

I asked my Girl if she enjoyed holding the baby and her answer was, "she is very heavy". So here you can see my Girl being squished by little baby A.

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STEPHANIE. said...

super cute pictures!...and I love your aprons!