Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Old Project

This is a project I did a while back but didn't have time to blog about. I needed a display for my aprons and mannequins are expensive. So I Googled a bit and found this amazing tutorial. I couldn't quite find all the things that she called for so I had to improvise.

Here is what I had: an old blanket, some batting, a paper roll from a bolt of fabric and a lamp base.

I've had this blanket for years! I am so glad there is a good use for it.

This is what my mannequin looked like after some initial draping.

Then I made it all nice and pretty with some batting and muslin.

Then I dressed her up real nice.

Since I had everything on hand I don't think I spent any money on it. I love projects like this!!!

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Cassie said...

This is very cute...and i love that you used things around your house. I've been wanting to make one, thank you for the tutorial!