Friday, December 18, 2009

Life With Three

This, I imagine, is what life would be like if I had three kids.

Once I picked up the baby and walked away, the two monkeys immediately started attacking their next target.

We had so much fun during this little baby's visit and not nearly enough pictures to show for it. Here is another picture of my adorable little God daughter. Girl, you've been Elf-ed.

Teaching the girl what her parents called "bad tricks".

I call the baby "My New Dolly" and the Girl wants in on the deal as well. She kept asking me to share. The Girl is such a little mommy.

Look at how happy they are! Well, my two are happy at least. Baby Elf is probably just thinking "get me out of this mad house!"

We got the kids to calm down and get dressed up for a minute for some nice family portraits. They were not very cooperative. If you can believe it, this was our "best" shot.

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Andy said...

All the pics are so cute!! Hayhay has such a cute smile in the second last pic...