Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Demand Sewing

The Girl performed at her school wide Christmas concert last week. The concert was at 5:45. In the morning when she went to class, she saw that her friends were wearing pink dresses. So she requested at 1pm that I turn her white dress into a pink dress with lots of flowers on it. I convinced her to nap and got working.

Here is what we had to work with.

The most obvious thing was to add a pink sash.

Then I got working on the flowers. I have a lot of fabric at home but not a lot of trims. I had to make some flowers. The easiest thing to work with was felt. Luckily, I had a couple pieces of red and pink felt left from other projects. The first flower I made was this red one. I wanted some bright colours to make it more Christmas-y and less Easter-y.

I really liked how the first flower turned out. So I got thinking about what she can wear with the dress. The dress comes with a silver shrug which I was sure she was not going to want to wear. Then I remember how much I love seeing little girls wear capelets. I had some fleece left from Halloween so I made her a quick capelet and embellished it with more pink flowers.

Here is a closer look at the flowers.

The Girl had doubts when she saw the look I created. I had to convince her that she had quite enough flowers on her outfit and that I would be sure to remember to buy her a pink dress next time. Despite all this doubt, she was quite happy once she put the dress on.

Here is the complete outfit.

Here are some pictures to give you a sneak peak of the concert.

Stay tuned. Details of the concern will be here tomorrow.

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Tofuland said...

Good job, Mommy!! Beautiful cape and dress!!