Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Actually, it's been feeling like Christmas for a week now. The defining moment was of course when we got the tree.

The Girl and I sorting through our small ornament collection.

I thought we'd start a new tradition this year with Christmas ornaments. Each year, we are going to buy a few ornaments that reflects the events of that year.

For the Girl, 2009 is the year of princesses. We saw the princesses at Disney and she is just obsessed with them. So naturally, she got her pink (her "best" colour) princess ornament.

The Boy is in love with Cars so he was happy to get his Mater Car ornament.

The Hubby started riding a bike to work this year so we got him a handmade pewter bike ornament. I didn't take a picture of it but here is a picture of how happy he was after he put it on the tree.

Here is our finished tree! I am excited and am definitely in a holiday mood.

PS I haven't been blogging much because 1. we've been busy and 2. my keyboard is broken. It's a pain to write and not be able to use any of the letters on the bottom row of the keyboard. I am looking for a fix. In the mean time, there is a lot of pounding on the computer and cursing. Arrrrrggggghhh!

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