Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day At The Beach

We spent a gorgeous day at the beach on Tuesday.

You know those vacation posters that show you a quiet beach with a one liner "Rush Hour" on the bottom? You know, the ones that suggest their beach is so quiet that there may only be one or two people there during "rush hour"? I never really understood those posters but this reminds me so much of them. We were at the beach at 11am and we pretty much had this huge stretch of it to ourselves.

"Bundle up, we are going to the beach" is such an oxymoron. Shouldn't people be in their bikinis when they are at the beach??!!

Check out these shades.

She looks like she's been digging in the dirt all day long. Those pants are supposed to be powder blue, not gray.

"Dirt is so yummy." I don't know how much sand this boy ate. All I can tell you is, he's still pooping sand 24 hours later. Oops, did I just share too much?

"Hail to Queen Armidala!"


Anonymous said...

Note to self: Do not eat while I'm reading your blog. I cannot rid myself of the sand-in-poop image. Seriously, can you really see sand in the poop? Obviously, I'm not a mom, so all these wonderful poopy experiences are truly fascinating!

langlangcreations said...

Seriously, you can see sand in the poop as well as grains stuck on his... eh... cheeks. I can list endless other fascinating poopy experiences but you'd likely lose your appetite for those foods for life so I will spare you the details. :-)

Anonymous said...

Another vivid image right after my meal! But then again I did ask for this one. If a kid can pass a nickel through his system, then why not sand. Ok, should I venture to ask where the grains come from? :)

langlangcreations said...

Well, we were at the beach and he thought it'd be fun to put some sand in his mouth. I was told that you either don't go to a beach with your kids until they are school aged or you just let them eat sand a few times and they will figure out quickly that eating sand is not fun. I guess he hasn't figured that out yet.