Monday, February 9, 2009

She Melts My Heart

M: Kiki, we will try to only use happy words.
K: Why?
M: Because if you use angry words all the times, nobody will want to play with you anymore.
K: Why?
M: People don't like angry words or angry girls.
K: I like them.
M: That's silly. Angry words are bad.
K: No mommy. You used angry words when I am bad and I still like you.

Note: Angry words include but are not limited to:
"Get away from me!"
" I don't like you!"
"Do it now!"
"No baby!"
"Stop that!"

Unfortunately, a few items on the list are used by the girl as well as the mommy. Yes, I am also working on not using angry words.

1 comment:

Christine said...

With such an angelic look, it's gonna melt everyone's heart unless it is made of wood. But I'm sure there are genes of the devil in there like her aunt - Cordy.
The kids are looking more alike as time goes by.