Monday, February 23, 2009

A Quickie

Kira refused to nap one afternoon but patiently waited next to me while I caught a 10 minute shut eye. When I rolled over, she eagerly came over and said she wanted to cook something. I appreciated that she was absolutely quiet during my short nap so I took her into the kitchen and looked for something she could cook. I found a box of instant pudding mix in the bottom of my pantry and voila, we had an afternoon snack.

All I had to do was measure out 3 cups of milk. Then, Kira opened the package and dumped the content in a big bowl. She poured the milk in and stirred with a whisk until she was bored. I had to stir a little in the end to make sure everything's mixed. Kira scooped the pudding into cups while I defrosted some frozen strawberries we had lying around. By the time she scooped out the last bit, I put the strawberries in and topped it with a Graham cracker.

The final product.

The tasting.

The approval.

Talk about instant gratification. The whole process was less than half an hour. The pudding set super fast and she could eat it right away. I don't know if it's what you'd call a nutritious snack but hey, it was fun! I am eating one of the refrigerated cups right now! Yum!

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