Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby and Por Por

Baby has really bad separation and stranger anxiety. I tried a couple of time leaving him at some kind of childcare and he screamed bloody murder for half and hour each time. Now, I am not sure if he remembers my mom from her November visit but he was very at ease with her. I rarely see him voluntarily climb up to someone other than me but he was very happy climbing on Por Por. Maybe I look like my mom and baby recognizes that. In any case, it was so much fun for me to watch him play. It was like a out of body experience since he usually plays on me and all I can see is his hand on my face.

"Back off! She is mine, all mine."

"This one is immovable."

"I think I tired her out."

"Look at me!"

"No hands! I am standing on my own."

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