Wednesday, February 18, 2009


K: Mommy, I NEEEEEED your camera!
M: Why?
K: Because I NEEEEEEEED it.
M: Are to going to take pictures?
K: Maybe, I just want to try something out.
M: Will you be careful?
K: Of course. Mommy, you are silly. I won't let the baby touch it. Never ever.

So, with those words, I gave her the camera and she took about 20 pictures.

First, she tried some portraits:

Then, still life.

Finally, abstract.

It was pretty great. I turned the camera on for her and she just set off for about half an hour taking these pictures. Then she shut it off and gave it back to me and say, "I am all done now. That was a lot of work!"


Anonymous said...

She is so cute and really sounds like a big girl!!! I can't believe she took so many different types of pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

She's so cute and really sounds like a big girl! I'm impressed with all the different types of pictures. :)

langlangcreations said...

Well, you know that I embellished... a lot, right? She took a bunch of pictures and I just picked the most presentable 6 and interpreted them the way I saw them. Didn't mean to exaggerate and make her sound like a genius...

Anonymous said...

It's scary! She's so smart for her age. Is she growing up too fast?

langlangcreations said...

She probably is growing up too fast since two of her favorite words to use are "probably" and "actually".
Ex: We should PROBABLY read a book now, right? (after I told her to relax) and "ACTUALLY, you are silly" (after I told her she has to use the potty instead of peeing in her pants.