Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toto Madness

I went nuts this morning! I had so many ideas in my mind before I even got out of bed. So I fed the baby and got sewing.

First, I worked on this bag. My usual model is not around today so I had to use a substitute.

Last weekend, I walked into a store to find a gift for a friend. I didn't find what I needed but found these little guys instead. The world seems like a happier place knowing these guys are looking after my keys. (Yes, I know the little one is still in a plastic bag. I have issues.)

I wanted more after I made the Totoro bag, so I made this little guy as well.

I wanted to sew more after the Totoros. So I finally gave this kitty a face. I made this cat long long time ago for a friend but Kira kind of claimed it as her own. She slobbered all over it too much for me to give it away. I think I have to make another one for my friend now. Kira did name the kitty Sammy in honor of its inspiration. I figured Kiki should have a black cat as her sidekick anyway.

Oh, I got this totally awesome shirt for baby at Target. I got two others that were also oh-so-cute. Target is so cool.

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