Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gorgeous Weather

I love the Sun. I think I get a little depressed when it's dark. This city is very foggy and so it's gray a lot. Em.... maybe I am not built for this weather.

Except it has been really really really sunny and bright and even hot this past week. I mean, tank tops, shorts, pant-less children kind of weather. It's great. So, I gathered a bunch of pictures of the kids playing out in the Sun.

I think Hayden looks like a girl in this picture.

Out making music in the Sun.

Gotta stay hydrated.

That expression on her face totally kills the mood.

These bubbles are serious.

After spending so much time outside in the Sun, the kids both appreciate being home. In celebration of being home, Kira buried Hayden in toys and insisted that he played with each piece, her way.

Finally get to relax and spend a little time alone.

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