Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yep, Hayden is on the go. He can't get from point A to where he wants but he can get from point A to somewhere 3 feet away from point A in some random direction easily. In other words, he is on his tummy pushing with his arms and he moves backwards. Then, he pivots, rotates at some random angle and pushes again.

Aside from horizontal movement, he is also experimenting with vertical movement. He saw a friend of ours use the coffee table to get her balance and us a cane to help her stand up and he quickly caught on. He tried standing up by grabbing on to the coffee table and he tried scooting in the direction of the cane. It was quite fascinating to watch.

Since he has no concept of danger, we have to watch him closely. He reaches and grabs anything he can get from any surface he can access and puts them in his mouth. I am also very afraid that he will slip and bonk his head on our glass/wood coffee table. So, the past few days have been busy and full of action.




This is often how it ends... Hayden stuck under some furniture.

"So tired."


"Just a little higher...."

"All that hard work for this? What is it anyway?"

Oh, did I ever mention he is teething? We have 4 visible teeth!

Top two:

Bottom two:

Gotta go, baby is taking apart Kira's chair and the girl is not pleased.

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