Monday, September 8, 2008

An Incompetent Chinese Mother

We were out for dinner Saturday night and here's what we had:

Daddy - Burrito with Asparagus and Shitake Mushroom
Mommy - Fajita Carnitas Burrito with rice, beans, salad
Girl - Tortila chips with sour cream
Boy - Pureed strawberry and banana from a jar

While I was busy chowing down my delicious dinner I noticed this Chinese couple waiting for a table. They sat at the waiting area right next to us. While they were waiting, the mom took out a thermos from one of two of her huge diaper bags and served a steamy warm dinner (congee, classic Chinese baby dinner) to her little boy. After dinner, she took out another thermos and gave him some nice cold milk.

What's wrong with this picture? The very next morning, I made pancakes for everyone and bought the ingredient for my version of baby congee and got cooking. I've NEVER before this made Hayden a meal! He is surviving only on jarred products and instant oatmeal. Geesh, the more I think about it the worse I feel.

So, after a happy dinner (he was a very enthusiastic diner that night), I proudly put the leftovers in jars and froze them. I am feeling a tiny little bit better but I am still one lousy Chinese mother. Don't get me wrong. I don't think I am a lousy mother - just a lousy CHINESE mother. I need to make my children more soups,swaddle them in more layers of clothing, teach them more manners, go back in time and potty train them at 9 months of age and a whole lot of other things. My to-do list is going to be very long.

Here is a video of the baby feeding himself some of that yummy pancake.

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