Monday, May 10, 2010

Catch Up

No matter how busy I get, I usually can sneak in some time to blog. I am going to blame this long break in blogging on my having too many cameras. I have my SLR, my point and shoot and my phone (new phone actually has a decent camera so I don't bring my point and shoot with my as much). Anyway, the result is that I have too many cords and too many adapters. I get discouraged when I can't find the right plugs and so I just leave the images on the memory card. Of course, we all know that one cannot blog without pictures. So, to play catch up, this post is going to include some random happenings of late mixed with some completely unrelated forgotten pictures.

First forgotten picture: Team Canada. Thanks for the cute shirts, Ida.

So we still follow a pretty tight schedule around here. The Girl has school in the morning and dance class one afternoon a week. The Boy has preschool one morning, dance one morning and daycare one day. We've been fitting in a few play dates with the Girl's friends from school. That leaves not too much time for us to just chill at home. When we do, I try to have them do "calming activities". These are the Girl's latest drawings during semi quiet time.


Baby - I love how detailed her drawing is. I think her baby has a lot more character than mine.

In addition to our routine stuff, I've been doing a lot of volunteer work for the Girl's preschool as well as her dance program. We attended the school fundraiser at the beginning of the month. The event itself was a success and it felt like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders when it was over.

This picture was taken at the fundraiser. Our princess thought the lion dancers were too loud.

The kids went on stage for a little catwalk. The Girl decided to go on stage with her best boy pal at school.

The problem with that arrangement is that the Girl promised the Boy she would go on stage with him. If you look carefully at the last picture, you'll notice the Boy sprinting down the runway to catch up with the Girl. Here, you can see him finally catching up and then being told that he has to just turn around and get off the stage. Poor Boy.

As a reward for their mad modeling skills, they were each given a Dum Dum.

While the Girl savored hers, the Boy devoured his and proceeded to show off his new tongue.

As for Dance, the Girl's first recital is happening this coming weekend. Like last year, I am helping sew costumes. Here is a little sneak peak of the costume.

Aside from wanting to help and being involved, the motivation behind all this work is too keep myself current and "employed" while I am a stay at home mom. I'd like to be able to show that I've made productive use of my time while I am not working (at a paid job) so that when I start to look for work again, I'd have more to show for my down time. I guess it's paying off because I recently signed a contract for a new job that will be starting in August. This will mark the end of my 5 years of being a stay at home mom. I know I will miss this precious time a lot. I intend to make the next three months I have at home with the kiddies even busier - playgrounds, museums, classes, trips, play dates, crazy art projects, sewing... It's going to be an interesting summer.


Christine said...

I think Kira has a lot of potential in drawing.

Maria said...

Sounds like you need to pick up a memory card reader. No cords required, you just stick the card into the reader and stick the reader into a USB slot on your computer. Some can even read multiple formats of memory cards.