Friday, May 14, 2010


I should have shared this a long time ago but I was hoping I can share this Dolly and her BFF together. Anyway, here is the doll.

Does she remind you of someone we know? Look at how girlie she is.

What about now?


The doll is supposed to look like my Girl but I didn't make it for her. I made it for her BFF.

Her BFF moved away and the original plan was they would each get a doll that resembles the other so when the miss each other, they'd have the dolls to play with. I finished the Girl dolly in time but I haven't made the second one yet. It's all cut out and the Girl asks me all the time when I will get around to sewing it. I am going to say... in the next month or so. So much sewing to do, so little time. Look at these goof balls. I think I should make a set of funny glasses for the doll, too.

Silly girls scratching their noses.


Age of Cuteness said...

Your dolly and your girl are just gorgeous!

Christine said...

I knew that the doll resembles Kira!

Brazilian Virtual Assistant said...

Really cute.

Letícia Moraes (BRAZIL)