Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday My Boy!

My Boy is two years old today! Time really flies.

Remember when I brought this little bundle home?

Somehow, he turned into this Boy! Hubby thinks that this should be the cut off point and I am not allowed to called him Baby anymore. I am not so sure...

Anyway, we threw him a little party at the playground today. First, food had to be cooked and cakes had to be baked. Now, I am not a baker. In fact, I may be the only chemist who can't bake. I hate measuring and somehow I always manage to mess up something like not setting the timer right or mixing too much or forgetting an ingredient. So usually, I use boxed cake mixes. I was feeling guilty that I haven't done much for the Boy so I decided to try and bake him some special cupcakes.

Seeing this batter, you probably thought I messed up again. Well, this is a strange batter. What you see in the picture is some gooey stuff on the bottom topped with chocolate chips, fresh raspberries and shredded zucchini. Yep, looks more like a salad to me. This is what they look like "naked".

Then I dressed them up real nice with frosting made from scratch. I have always bought canned frosting and didn't know how much work it takes to make frosting, nor did I know what goes into frosting. The amount of sugar and butter involved is frightening. Having this knowledge taught me to frost the cakes modestly.

In addition to the "plain" ones, I made an army of Cars themed ones for the kids.

This is the one the Boy chose.

Here you see him marking his territory. He was telling this little girl whom you can barely see in the picture that the cake is his and he was not sharing.

I put him on a chair so he felt bigger and more in control of his cake. The girl you see in the picture is actually a different girl whom the Boy knows a little better and trusts around his cake a little more.

Then, we sang the song.

Then it's time to sink our teeth into my strange creation. Here is the first group of cake eaters.

A second group of cake eaters.

A more private group of cake eaters.

I only took one bite out of the Girl's cake but the Boy finished his whole cake and Hubby said the cake was good. I am quite surprised. I thought it sounded healthy and the picture on the recipe looked good. I am going to have to try one to judge for myself.

We headed out to the playground after all that eating.

And birthday pictures with Mommy and Daddy.

So there we go. Our Boy is another year older. Thank you for being our village and giving our Boy a happy and adventurous two years filled with love.


Nathalie said...

Happy birthday to Hayden!! Looks like a fun party!

Tofuland said...

Oh my, how much has Hayhay changed in the past two years!! I have to say Brett is right. You can't really call him "baby" anymore! He is a sweet, plump little boy!! And the cupcakes looked yummy!!! I like the look of Hayhay when he stared at poor girl who was just trying to take a peek at the cupcakes! He looked mean!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to Hayden the Big Boy! It's funny to compare him with the pic when he first got home.