Saturday, November 14, 2009

Action Packed Friday

First, the Boy and I tagged along with the Girl to a field trip at the fire station. The Girl was unimpressed at first but did warm up eventually.

"Ding ding!"

"Please, just don't fall off." says Mr Firefighter.

"I am going to ring the bell one more time while you are not looking."

"Weee! So wet!"

Both the Boy and the Girl played in the puddles for a bit after each kid got a turn to play with the hose. After they were both thoroughly soaked, we set out for a trip to the outlet. We had to stop by a shop to fix our stroller and to get some shoes for the Boy. Guess what shoes we got? Firetruck shoes! These shoes have firetrucks on the side that lights up as the Boy walks. They are so cool I think I want a pair. To top it off, I also got the boy a pair of melt your heart cute firetruck rain boots and reminded him that he could go home and nap in his firetruck bed. Talk about overload.

Here they are playing at the kids area after just one shop. My kids are NOT shopping material.

Later in the evening, the Boy initiated some dress up play. He was CRAZY that night.

Check out this little trouble maker. I tried really hard to get him to stand still and sing a song. Can you tell what he's singing?

I was totally exhausted after such an action packed day so I thought I'd take a quick nap on the floor. The Boy started out just putting his lovey on me as a blanket.

A few minutes later, I felt quite a bit of weight on my back and could see flashes of light out of the corner of my eyes. Guess Hubby was amused enough to take some pictures. In case you can't tell, there is a box of books, a helmet, a cat, some pigs, a spoon and one or two other small objects on me.

Then the Boy ran out of things to put on me and he....

What a day!

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Tofuland said...

Wow, you must be REALLY TIRED!! You can nap with all the stuff on you?! And they must really love you too!! Look at all those things they put on your back to keep you warm!