Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disney Day One

After a long long long flight with a sick child, we arrived at the Swan Resort at Disney World. The Boy had a restful night of sleep and woke up in a pretty good mood. He's still very clingy and had a series of melt downs as we strolled through the first Disney Store. He just wouldn't accept that we can buy every single MacQueen and Mater that he sees in the store.

In addition, our morning was pretty rough because:
1. We couldn't get the tickets to get into the parks.
2. We had a 12:20 reservation to dine with the princesses which we'll miss if we can't get into the parks.
3. Both kids wanted to just go go go and all I could offer them was wait wait wait.

4. Both kids wanted to buy everything and I was not ready to buy anything. Can't reward bad behaviour, right?
5. I didn't sleep well last night which makes for a cranky mommy.
6. We finally got into the park but I couldn't find the restaurant.
7. We found the restaurant but the kids had already lost hope.

"WOW! A real princess!"

"Don't touch me!"

"You can touch me! I want to live in your palace forever!"

But once we sat down and the princesses started making their royal appearances, everything went smoothly. The Girl just LOVED the whole thing. She sat politely, ate everything on her plate, said please and thank you, smiled for pictures - it's what the princesses expected from her so she happily obliged.

"Princesses don't pick their noses, dear."

"How are you today Birthday Boy?"

Oh... it's not really the Boy's birthday until the end of the month but we are calling this his birthday week. Check out his Mater MacQueen cupcake.

We got a complimentary portrait and a birthday card signed by all the princesses. Talk about royal treatment.

We did a couple of hands on things for the kids after lunch and we headed back to the resort for a nap. Nobody wanted to nap, of course and they are both jumping on the beds like crazy as I type this. Oh well, they will sleep tonight, right?

"The panda bears like me."

"If Sleeping Beauty herself is not sleeping, how can you expect me to nap?"

The rest of today's pictures are on FB. Off to the evening shift now.

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Tofuland said...

Can you imagine your job TO BE a princess?? That would be super cool, wouldn't it?