Monday, November 2, 2009

Belated Trick or Treat

The Girl decided to go T/T as a princess instead of as Kiki. Don't worry, my feelings were not hurt. She was a team player and wore the costume to our party so it's only fair that she gets to go as a princess on the day that's all about her (well, and other kids).

Check out this house! This is why I love going T/T-ing in this neighbourhood even though it is always crazy busy. This is a residence, a single family home! This picture was taken in their courtyard. People go into great lengths to decorate.

My Belle found another Belle.

My Belle found a werewolf! Looking at her expression, you'd think she found something funny. What she was saying was, "look, scary werewolf!" Why the smile on her face, I don't understand.

Here she is T/T-ing with her pal Dorothy. I love Dorothy's ruby slippers.

So while I was helping the girl dress up as Belle, the Boy hovered in the background asking to be dressed as Cinderella or Snow White. I guess that's where I draw the line. My Boy is not getting dressed by me and then going out in public in a dress. So we convinced him to be Totoro again. Here is my big plan when all the craziness in the near future is over: I am going to start sewing him dress up costumes that are appropriate for him. At the moment, I plan on sewing a prince costume, a cape of some sort and a car costume. We'll see how far I get.

"This one is so BIG! I think I like those people the best!"

We had a very respectable loot this year - full sized Kit Kats, lots of chocolate bites, full sized Twix, Twizzlers, etc. The kids made good choices (I did train the Girl before I sent her out. Always choose chocolates over suckers.) and they were very proud of their work. They each got to choose 3 pieces of candies to be devoured whenever they wanted. The rest went to the parents. I am also letting them bring some on our trip. Did I mention we are going on a trip to Florida? Like... tomorrow?

Anyway, we had a great Halloween. I am already starting to think about our costumes for next year. Here is a final picture - a group shot of all the kids we went T/T-ing with.

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