Monday, December 15, 2008


Feeling inspired after our friends' tree lighting ceremony, we set out to get our own tree. We went to a nice little "tree farm". (Translation: in the city, a tree farm is a huge parking lot that's temporarily converted into tree parking. This happens to also be the same lot where we went pumpkin "picking".)

Here are my children hard at work to find us a tree. Hayden checked out the quality of the soil while Kira conducted the "poke test". The tree must be able withstand a certain amount of poking, you know.

Does this look familiar? Just a christmas version of the same halloween decoration.

Little Elf took a break to take a picture with daddy.

We decorated the tree after dinner that night. Here is Kira putting on the tree top star.

Baby was, of course, trapped again.

We cut out some snow flakes for the windows.

Here is our finished tree. It's pretty small. I figured it'd be a couple more years before we get a big tree.

Then, we had story time. Hayden loved this finger puppet book.

Here are a couple of videos of our story reading.

Part 1

Part 2

Finally, we finished the evening with hot apple cider and cookies. It was a perfect night. I hope to do something similar every year. I love the idea of having family traditions. What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit?

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