Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seen It All

After 6 trips to the Academy, I have finally seen it all, I think. There may still be parts of the aquarium that I have not seen but I finally made it into the Rain Forest. It was mighty cool.

The first thing I was very impressed by was this:

Doesn't look like much, right? This was maybe 3 or 4 feet from me and I took this picture without any zoom. I really think I could touch it if I tried. With a 3x zoom, this is what you see:

They were just right there chilling out. They were smaller than the first section of my pinky. Oh My God were they cute! I saw many many people just walked right past them without paying any attention. I was on this bridge thing and these guys were right at eye level. It was so amazing to see something so exotic so up close.

Then I saw the tomato frog. I have been to many exhibits that has the label tomato frog on it but I've never seen the actual animal. Maybe those other exhibits were empty or maybe these guys are just really good at hiding. This one, however, was in plain view.

There were lots of other amphibians on display and they were all tiny and exotic and cool. In other words, they were impossible to photograph with my little pocket camera.

Aside from the amphibians, there were lots and lots of butterflies. They fluttered about and some came really close to us. A couple even landed on our stroller and hung out for a second or two. Here is a picture of Kira studying a butterfly up close.

I'd say we got our membership's worth of visits. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you were referring to at the first 2 pics even after careful study.

langlangcreations said...

Do you see the tiny red and blue frogs in the second picture? You can see them too in the first picture but you have to really enlarge and look super carefully.