Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas - Had One

We went to the zoo on Christmas Eve to make sure the reindeer are in good shape to fly.

Look at that body language.

Then we made cookies.

Kira is learning from the master. I can't bake at all. If Kira wants to be able to bake, she has to call Nanny.

Here I am , posing as a baker.

Kira and Hayden share a quiet, relaxing moment on Christmas morning.

Kira's big gift this year - a play kitchen. Christmas is magical.

Hayden working on his gift.

Ah, finally got it out. See those gingerbread man pants? Part of his homemade Christmas gift.

These were Kira's handmade Christmas pants.

The kids getting to know their new Elmo.

A lot of eating transpired and then we played with my Christmas gift - DDR. Seen here are Kira and Nanny busting a move.

How was your Christmas?


langlangcreations said...

Kitchen is from Mom, Dad, Nanny, Papa and Santa.

Anonymous said...

read the weather report n you'll know how is the Van. X'mas. It is all white, really white everywhere that you can't find a gap to sneak out.