Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweatshop Cookie Making

Our final activity on Sunday night was to make some Christmas candy cane cookies. They are basically the basic Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies with candy cane pieces instead of chocolate chips. I also left out the nuts. The result is a wonderfully minty cookie that is crispier than the chocolate version. The melted candy canes also makes the cookie a little like the sugary lace cookie. They are very yummy.

I was trying to make dinner before the cookie baking and thought I could put the kids to work. This was their job.

My biggest mistake was letting Kira taste a tiny little piece of candy cane. After that she kept asking for another little piece so I had to tell her she had to keep working and making little pieces if she wanted to eat more. Our conversation was very sweatshop like - keep working if you want to eat.

This is a much shorter video that Brett took once the Kira got a hang of the job. I thought it's very funny how she snacked on the gold fish while working the hammer. She looked very professional.

It's feeling a lot like Christmas.

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Christine said...

Kira looks like a professional!