Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sculptures at Maker Faire

There were these two huge sculptures in the middle of the fair grounds and I took a couple of pictures of them because the looked pretty neat. They were made out of ropes. I as I showed the pictures to Kira after the Faire, she named these Mommy and Daddy. Do you see the resemblance?

Of course, Maker Faire wouldn't be quite complete without something made with Lego. In fact, they had a whole room devoted to Lego scenes and other such creations. I had a few photos but they were not very good pics. So, I'll just show this one project that was outdoor. Kids loved it.

One last sculpture that I found fun. This was a metallic ball that was put on a big area of sand. I don't know how else to describe it. Here is a quote from the artist's website:

This isn't a sandbox with a marble in it. Sysyphus V, a kinetic sculpture by Bruce Shapiro looks like a Zen Garden. But instead of a buddhist monk carefully raking gravel, it's an autonomous steel sphere carefully crawling over and over, making polar geometric shapes that can best be described as iterative lilies or stars. A magnet on an arm on a two axis plotter sites underneath the half-ton set up, and Sisyphus is making its first appearance here, at Maker
Faire 2008.

Check out his website for better pictures. Here is a video of what I saw at the Faire:

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