Saturday, May 10, 2008

Paint, Watermelon

Hayden's sleep schedule or his internal clock or something is totally broken. In short, he hasn't been sleeping well. One afternoon, when he refused to nap and screamed for 45 min, I had to do something about it. So, I gave Kira some paint and put an apron on her and set her off to play on her own while I tried to put Hayden down. She started out painting very nicely. Then, she discovered that she can paint her hands.

When I took my first Hayden break to check on her and saw her painting on her hands, she was pretty proud of herself. In fact, she was proud of her hand painting as well as her winning the pants battle... that is, she ran too fast for me to chase after her and put some pants on her. This is a picture of her "na na na na na, I am not wearing pants..." dance.

I thought to myself, "ok, what's a little paint on her hands. I will wash her off later." So I went back to help Hayden sleep. 10 min later, I came out and found this:

Yeah, Kira's nuts. There was even paint on her gums when I tried to clean her up later.

I am still not giving Hayden solid foods as per his pedi's order. I couldn't resist giving him little tastes here and there though. He really is ready and I think he really wants food. Here are some watermelon pics.

Finally, I made this in an afternoon. I was pretty impressed by how fast I worked. This is for that apron swap I mentioned here.

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