Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Bad Day for Paper Dolls

Kira's been taught to never touch scissors but other kids were doing it at the BADM so I let her try. She's gotta learn some time, right.

I sat down with her and showed her how to cut paper, making sure that she doesn't cut anything else. While she was practicing, I mindlessly cut her a bunch of paper doll and other paper creatures. I made her an octopus, a dog, a boy - which she said was daddy, a girl - mommy, a string of bunnies and and a string of girls. At first, she was quite happy to see them and tried to stand them up. But very soon, she started the major massacre of 08. She clipped all the extremities of the creatures and chopped off the mommy doll's head while laughing and making cutting sounds. I didn't capture that on tape. By the time I took out the camera, she's in more of a calm cutting trance. Should I take her to a shrink or should I just run for my life now??

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