Friday, May 9, 2008

Hands On at Maker Faire

Okay, this is my last Maker Faire post in case you are getting bored. One of my favorite things about the Faire was how interactive it was. There were lots and lots of booths that offered workshops and mini activities that EVERYONE can do. The cost is minimal and often free. There were many things that even Kira enjoyed.

I made this print for Kira using Scratch Foam. It's like a junior version of linoleum printing.

Kira also made a cell (the thing that living things are made of... not phones) using Magic Sculpt. Unfortunately, she ate the putty and I had to throw it away before I could get a picture of it. Then we headed over to a nearby booth and made a flip book of Kira dancing.

She then wandered into a magic wand making booth and made a wand.

I tried this gel pen that looks like stained glass when dried. I've never coloured so quickly before. I made a cherry blossom tag in under 3 minutes, seriously. I can't find the tag now for a picture. Of course, there was the mushroom felting. In the end, I decided the best part was this room.

I wandered into this room in the morning and thought it must be the staging area since it was super messy and had a lot of junk in it. But really, it's what they called Maker Faire Playground. It's a room full of random stuff and all kinds of tools you can imagine. People (adults and kids) were encouraged to get dirty and make stuff. Doesn't matter what you wanted to create... just get in there and start gluing or cutting or breaking or smashing or what-have-you. Kira had so much fun picking up random things on the tables and chairs and floor. In the end, her greatest creation was The Third Eye, which eventually turned into the forth and fifth...
Okay, Brett shot this video and it was funny... but he forgot to turn it off in the end or something... I apologize for the last 5 seconds or so of it... it is very unprofessional of him. I will fire him from the job of camera man. I have to say though, he was wonderful during the entire Faire. He took care of the kids so I could wander around and look at stuff and participate in workshops. Thanks for a wonderful birthday gift, Hubby.

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