Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

First of all, Hayden would like to thank everyone who emailed to advocate for his well being. For the record, he never left the house in a dress so he wasn't really seen in public as a girl... although I am not sure if having his picture on the web is better or worse.

It'd been a crazy hot few days over the weekend. Kira told me many times that "mommy too hot" and "daddy crazy hot". We took them as compliments. We took advantage of the nice weather and went outside.

We went back to the zoo for the first time since the incident. Kira was sporting a big girl version of that dress that Hayden wore.

We went to a outdoor birthday party on Saturday. Doesn't this girl look lovely in the hat, hugging the bottle of water?

Hayden had a hard time with the heat. His face, neck, arms and legs were super rashy. Thank goodness it's cooler now. I think SF has turned all of us into weather wimps.

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