Friday, September 4, 2009


The girl is officially a preschooler!

She did really well on her first day. It took me about 10 min to drop her off... not even for her. I was just confused and didn't know where we were supposed to go or whom I should have left her with. Anyways, she was very happy when I picked her up and her teacher said she danced, crafted, ate (ALL her food!) and went potty. Here she is seen having an animated conversation with her teacher.

One of her new friends. Her teacher took this picture. I am not sure who this is and what they were doing.

The boy enjoyed a morning of mommy time and he got to drive mommy around the city.


Age of Cuteness said...

Congratulations! Starting preschool is a big day - both for her and you!

Tofuland said...

I think that little boy will be Kiki's new boyfriend. Bye bye Ricky; bye bye Braeden.