Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pre-school Open House

We went to the Girl's school's open house last week. Here is a picture of the outside play area.

Here is the other side of the outside play area. You can see in this picture that the play area is basically the back yard of the house the school is in. It still seems crazy to me that everything is cramped into tiny spaces in the city. This school has 1 HUGE classroom (shared by 3 classes) and 2 small classrooms (used by 2 other classes). That translates to the basement of a church. They also use the basement of the house right next to the church as their office space.

Here is a shot of the Girl's classroom which is one of the small rooms. Her classroom consists of this room in the picture and a much smaller room off to the side of this room that is used as a imaginative play area. They go into the small room to play dress up or acting type activities. Circle time, small group crafts, meals are all done in this big room.

You see those pictures hung along the ceiling of the classroom? Those are self portraits done by the kids. This is the Girl's.

I have never seen her draw like this. I don't know how much/what kind of help she got to complete this master piece. Here is another project of hers - playdough pizza.

The Girl is really enjoying school. I am quite relieved. I knew she'd like it but I never expected her to adapt so quickly and embrace it so completely. She knows the Boy and I do other things while she is in school and she accepts that she needs to be in school and that the Boy is allowed to have his time with mommy. I guess it also helps that one afternoon a week, she gets a girl's afternoon out. We either go out and do some something fun together (Two weeks ago, we went to David's Bridal and tried on puffy gowns. She was more excited than any of the brides in the store.) or we stay home and work on sewing projects. So I guess that means we are all enjoying her school. Yeah!

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