Friday, September 25, 2009

Learn On My Lap

One of my favorite stories/anecdotes I've heard from my father-in-law is how he used to put 3 year old Hubby (my hubby, of course) on his lap and taught him how to program. I just love the image of a sweet little 3 year old sitting on daddy's lap in front of a computer, tapping the keyboard with his tiny little fingers.

I've been bugging Hubby to start the Girl's training. I believe a lot of the people who do things really well grew up with those things. You know, musicians who grew up with parents who played and taught them when they were little. Those skills are embedded in their every fiber just like the nutrients they absorb from the food they eat. It becomes second nature to them. Maybe I am not making sense...

Anyway, I thought I should do my part to give the Girl something to grow up with. So, I am putting her on my lap and teaching her how to sew. Little by little, I think she is picking it up.

Have a good weekend.

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Tofuland said...

You look so serious and focused, but KIki was totally into the camera!! Hilarious!!