Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I took baby to the zoo for the first time. Actually, he's been to the zoo before as a tiny little blob but I haven't taken him since he's been mobile. I hated the thought of having him crawl in the zoo so I waited and waited and waited until I was sure he is walking well enough to a) walk up to an exhibit and b) be able to push back in the event that an aggressive goat attacks him in the petting zoo.

Here is our group - three pairs of siblings.

I am very surprised and glad to find out that baby is actually a very cautious kid. I thought, based on his past track records with dogs, that he would immediately walk up to a goat/sheep and hug/pet/kiss/jab/touch it but he didn't do that at all. He did a lot of observing and gentle experimenting.

He did eventually feed a couple of goats but it totally didn't give him the same thrill as performing the community service of scooping up poo. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant.

The girl was confident as ever. She walked into the petting zoo and promptly "claimed" a goat as hers. "Look, he is following me! He likes me!"

The girl was in charge the whole time. She walked up to this goat and said, "You stand here. Baby wants to touch you now." With that, the baby tried timidly to interact with said goat.

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