Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dance Recital Part 0.5

The girl has been going to big girl dance classes for about a month now. Since she has only been going for a month, I decided she was not ready for the recital and I informed the teacher so. Somehow, she convinced me that the girl should do a little bit. So she got her costume and did a little something on stage. Definitely not dancing. Seriously, I don't know what she was doing. I have never seen her suck on her thumb. She is NOT a thumb sucker. So I was quite puzzled to see her do that. Big girl she was following - if you are reading this, we are sorry. I don't know when the girl decided she can only perform if she follows you around like a puppy dog. You should have your spot light to yourself.

The little tiny girl on the far far left with the teacher is mine. :-)

I stand by my decision that the girl is not ready. However, I have to say that it was very heart warming to see my little girl all dolled up and cross that stage. Plus, it was a great photo shoot.

The proud dancer.

The serious dancer.

The happy dancer.

The doll.

The last picture also shows the costume that I mentioned in this post. I made the five costumes for the five girls who are performing and didn't make a set for my girl since I didn't think she was going on stage. 4 days before the show, her dance teacher gave me the blue slip dress and said, "have her wear this to the show." "What about the petticoat and apron and hat?" "I don't have anything that small for her. Do the best you can." So I did the best I could. I found some random stuff around the house and made her the petticoat, the apron and a hair piece an hour before we left for the recital. Yep, I am mighty proud of myself. It's good to have a fabric/trim stash in the house.

How scary is this.

We arrived early for the final rehearsal. Here are the kiddies waiting for the show to start.

Finally, this is the dance that she would have been in if I had signed her up.


Christine said...

I would love to see Kira on stage next year.

Anonymous said...

So very cute! I love the videos, and I think thumb sucking is cute, even though I am glad mine didn't get into the habit. lol.

I wanted to let you know that I received my crayon roll-up today, and it is wonderful! I love the fabric, and the craftsmanship is beautiful!!! Thanks again!

langlangcreations said...

yehudim - I am glad you got the roll up and liked it. I hope all the crayons survived the transit. :-)

Vivian said...

I have to admit I've been "blog stalking" your little probably dun remember me, I'm Salina's sister from Burnaby South. She showed me your beautiful sewing once and I got hooked to your blog!

Anyhoo, meant to say, I think Kira was cute! I can tell the thumb sucking was part of her act ;)

Thx for sharing your life with us :)

langlangcreations said...

Vivian - Of course I remember. I saw some pics of you and Salina on FB. You both look great! Actually, all THREE of you look great. I am glad you like the blog. It's been a lot of fun writing in it.

Do you sew? I've been sewing like mad. More pics later...

Vivian said...

WA thx for your compliments, you made my day (and mandy's, and salina's)!!!

You probably look great too but I dun see you enough in the blog, should post more pix of yourself some time!

Sew?? I wish I could but sadly I can barely use the needle to pin my pants. This makes your creations even more amazing 'cuz I wouldn't be able to do that in a million years! Looking forward to seeing more pix

~have a great day:D