Friday, June 5, 2009

Strawberry Picking Again

We went strawberry picking a couple weeks ago. We went back to the same place that we went last year. Check out these pictures from last year. What huge difference one year makes!

Fruits of our labor!

The berries were much better this year. They are as juicy as they were last year but much much more flavorful. Baby must have eaten 50 in one day. We picked 18 pounds this year - far exceeded our yield from last year. I am posting these pictures and videos now because some recipients of our berries maybe horrified to see what had happened to some of the berries. I hope you all washed your berries before consuming them. :-p

Case one of two.

I brought our camera but left the memory card out. So the few pictures we have were taken with our phone. Oops.

Baby farmer hard at work.

Girl farmer showing off.

Quality control.

Rough treatment of berries.

Group Shot. "I don't want group shot. Lemme get back to those berries!" said baby.

Super daddy picked at least 12 of those 18lbs.

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