Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whatever He Can Do I Can Do Better

Remember a few days ago when I blogged about the un-wake-able baby? Well, I think Kira proved that she can also sleep... like a baby.

We went to the library to watch the lion dance. I thought it was going to be this great experience for her. I mean, look at how much fun these kids were having.

We've talked about it. I've shown her pictures and videos. We read about it and we prepared for it all morning. Then she fell asleep on the way to the library and wouldn't wake up.

Here she was sleeping through the opening Kung Fu act.

Here she was sleeping through the actual Lion Dance. Listen to all the drumming. How can anyone sleep through that?

We had serious front row seats. I could feel the big eyelashes of the lion as it brushed passed us. Baby got "lettuced". Kira did too and she slept through that as well. I just left the lettuce on her and let her ask questions when she woke up.

The girl slept the entire way home and when Brett tried to transfer her, she woke up. Her first words, "I want to see the lion dance now."

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