Sunday, January 18, 2009

Concert Part 2 of 4

A little bit of Kiraism:

(daddy took out an empty pizza box.)
K: mommy, how come daddy went out?
M: To throw away the pizza box?
K: How come?
M: Pizza box is dirty.
K: How come?
M: Lots of grease on it.
K: How come?
M: There's cheese on the pizza.
K: How come?
M: Makes it taste good.
K: How come?
M: I don't know, Kira. How come?
(very thoughtful for a moment.)
K: Because it's a pumpkin!
M: ???!!!!


Anonymous said...

How come Kira can still look cute with hair like that?! Life is so unfair. Speaking of hair, Hayden's hair is growing longer! It makes him look older. In fact, both of them seemed to have gotten bigger and older over December. What are you feeding them? :)

langlangcreations said...

Actually, Kira's been a pretty picky eater lately but Hayden will eat just about anything. The boy doesn't get to the size he is doing by not eating, that's for sure. His Papa once remarked that he has never seen a baby eat a whole banana as fast as Hayden did. We will be entering him in the banana eating contest.