Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm A Big Kid Now

Check this giant out!

He naturally gravitates towards vehicles of all sorts.

I thought this was funny. Little boy tried so hard to steer this monstrosity.

A more suitable size.

Hayden started going to the community center baby gym with us when he was 3 weeks old. Back in the day, I'd carry him in a pouch of some sort and help Kira on and off various rides. Look at how Hayden fits right in with all the other kids now. Boy, do they grow fast. I have to stop watering them so much.

He just loved this popping machine.

Finally, he is the big boy!


Anonymous said...

Wah! Hayden looks like a body-builder with his tight muscle shirt and pants! He's almost or just as big as some of the older boys in the background. Hayden is Baby Hulk! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahhaha....look at his big butt!! What a cutie!