Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Kids Have Attitudes

Kira is the copy cat in this case.

Kiraism of the day: (it's been a few days since this conversation took place. I am trying to remember the exact words and this is as close as I came.)

K: What does daddy do at work?
M: He fixes things. He researches. He studies. He tells people how to fix things.
K: What did you say, mommy?
M: Daddy helps people make movies.
K: Daddy makes smoothies? Like the strawberry kind I make?
M: Movies. Like what you see on TV.
K: Like the Nemo one?
M: Yes, like the Nemo one.
K: So daddy makes the Marlin and the Nemo. Nemo was in trouble because he didn't listen to daddy. Like if I don't listen to daddy, he will make the robot diver to get me when I am in trouble.

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