Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still Crazy

So the kids wake up after I do during the week now and that means they get to change and get ready with Hubby. Hubby lets them pick out their clothes not because he is one of those hippie my-children-should-be-given-free-will dads, but because he couldn't care less what they wear. The outcome is often, shall I say, eccentric?

For instance, this is what the girl chose one day. A long sleeved shirt (because a good Chinese mommy always told her children that they are never warm enough and my Girl took it to heart), layered under a apple patterned Hawaiian shirt, paired with gray bubble skirt with a blue flower and owl pants underneath (yes, it's always cold outside).

The Boy chose a more elegant look. Firetruck t-shirt layered under a blazer with drawstring khaki length pants and bright blue socks. His diaper is peeking out slightly so you can see the "huggies" that printed on the edge. I am sure as he get potty trained, he'd be one of those dudes who shows off their Calvin Klein waistbands. Yes, it's a new surprise every afternoon when I pick them up!

This was a particularly dressy day and it put them in a particularly crazy mood. Once we got home, the Boy started to wear this bucket over his head and running into the kitchen and asked us to look. The Girl totally egged him on.

When your audience laughs like this, how can you not give 110%?!

So the Boy gets back inside the bucket and continued to bang around the kitchen hitting walls and such to make the Girl laugh. That in turn makes him laugh and the cycle continued... for an hour!

Yep, going to full time care did not mellow them out. I am glad to say that it looks like I am not to blame for their craziness.

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Tofuland said...

Oh my goodness!!!! The two little ones are so funny!!!! And as for the attire...mmm...interesting choices I guess. Maybe you should pick out their clothes the night before?