Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Understanding

After 4.5 years of living with children, Hubby and I were still not really understanding each other. I couldn't understand why he was never too enthusiastic about the millions of events that I planned for our weekends and he didn't get why I had can't seem to enjoy the simple pleasure of being at home.

That changed after 2 weeks of both of us working full time. Hubby now understand why I used to be so grumpy in the morning when I couldn't get the kids out of the house and I now definitely know why he wanted to chill and stay home on the weekends. Man, I am pooped after a whole week of work and I don't want to drag the kids around town to play. So, it took us a long time but we've finally come to an understanding and I sure have a new respect and appreciation for everything Hubby did and does.

While I am on the topic, I really should point out that Hubby has been stepping it up in the past two weeks. He's been so sweet, helpful and supportive. Thanks Hub!

So last weekend, the only thing we managed to do with the kids was a short visit to the playground.

This Girl LOVES flowers!

The Boy was in a really weird mood. He's been super clingy and though he made it very clear that he wanted to go to a playground, he refused to play once we got there. What is going on with him?

Oh, and our big accomplishment the previous weekend was to get everyone a haircut! Look at their funny facial expressions.

Finally, the kids just couldn't leave without helping nature along a little.


Bubble said...

We're the other way around. My hubby wants to go out during the weekend, but I feel more comfortable at home as I get a bit stressed when I need to feed Aston in public. :P

langlangcreations said...

Wendy - Aston is still so little so it is harder to go out with him. Plus I find people are a lot more open about nursing in public here than in Canada. You see women with their boobs hanging out everywhere you go. :-) How are things going with the baby?

Bubble said...

Aston's doing great. Started taking him to music classes at the Y and Royal Conservatory of Music this week. He's a great sleeper (just confirmed it when talking to moms at the Y) to begin with, but I found that he sleeps even better at night now that we go out in the morning every day.

Nursing in public is fine here. It's just me, who doesn't want to do that! :P