Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Too Photogenic

I've been really wanting professional family portraits for a long time. Last May, we finally won a session at the Girl's school silent auction. A couple weekends ago, we headed out and had these pictures done. The result was ok at best. Predictably, the only person who had good photos taken was the Girl. So not fair.

Here is arguably the best picture of the four of us.

Here is a random picture of the Girl.


Nathalie said...

I love that you and Kira are wearing matching outfits! You two are so cute!
I agree with you though, pics could be better. Sorry!

Age of Cuteness said...

No matter the quality of the pictures, you guys are a super good looking family!

Tofuland said...

I'll take pictures for you next time! Not that I am good, but hey, it's free service!!! You guys look good, btw!