Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Canadian Spirit

Although we missed the Olympic Winter Games, we were in town for the last day of the Paralympic Games so we tried to see some of the sites.

Our day consisted mostly of rides on various trains. We commuted for over 2 hours and spent maybe half an hour at our destination. The kids were fine with it though. The rides were new and exciting for them.

We started with the Skytrain. Here we were at the platform, getting ready for our first ride of our day.

Then we got on the mildly busy train.

We took this picture downtown during our first transfer.

Then we walked to another platform for another train.

This is as close as we got to the Mint.

We transferred to one last street car to get to our final destination.

The street cars were borrowed from Europe. I think they are giving them back after the Games.

At long last, we arrived at Granville Island.

We were pretty tired and hungry by the time we got there. Fortunately, these nice ladies were giving out string cheese.

We had lunch at Granville Island. This was my lunch, salmon burger with a chunk of that free fun cheese. Yum!

On our way out, we saw a street performance. Look at how much the kids enjoyed it.

Our entertainer.

We reversed our trip to go home with one small detour. We went to see the Cauldron. It was lit for the last day.

"Kids, what did you like more - the Olympic cauldron fire or the dude who juggled fire?"
"The juggler!"

"Did you have fun today?"

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HKFC said...

I don't if it's the angle of the shot, but it seems like H has caught up to his sister in size and height in the first photo. He is so tall now!