Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Other Big Mouse

We went to see a big mouse. No, not Mickey. We went to see Chuck. I remember loving these places when I was a kid but I've never brought my kids. So on one fine day after a long rainy stretch, we visited Chuck.

First, some warm-up rides.

Clifford scares me but the kids like him.

Then, lunch. Here are the two pizza buddies.

Chuck E Cheese pizza is like the Wonder Bread of pizzas. It's all fluff but the kids like them. Here is the boy showing off his "Pizza Happy" face.

And here is the "Pizza Crazy" face. His left eye is so much bigger than his right when he is excited.

Dessert was some homemade lollipops the girls made a couple days ago. We actually managed to convince them to save it till dinner time.

Then the gaming began. The Girl went off with her friend and I really don't know what they did. I guess they went on more rides and played a few games. I hung out with the Boy mostly.

"Woah! Shark scary. I don't think I should mess with him."

"But they said I need these little pieces of paper called tickets to get prizes. I guess I will have to try."

And try we did. We averaged 12 tickets per game on this machine. Dare I say we owned it?

Now, if the Boy ever challenges you to a friendly game of air hockey for your lunch money, run for the hills! He's a air hockey SHARK! Our visit to Chuck's was his first exposure to the game. He watched these two people play while we were waiting for the food and somehow, he knew exactly what to do.

Here is a short video of us playing. I did score a point at the end but I think this may be the last time I beat him at air hockey.

So for $30, 2 adults and 4 kids were fed and entertained for 2 hours. I guess it's a good deal. I see more mouse visits in our future.

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Tofuland said...

Hayhay looked so funny when he is excited!! Dai sai chiu?!! hahahhaha.... And I still can't play the videos on your blog!!???