Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Obsession

In case I haven't talked your ears off about the upcoming fancy party, here's the deal: Hubby and I and Hubby's parents are going to the Oscars! Naturally, I started obsessing about finding a dress (the reason why I've been such a blogging slacker). After three weeks of very intense searching, I think I have found the one.

Now I am mildly obsessed about the shoes, the hair and the bag. I bought a pair of really really pretty shoes that are really really uncomfortable. The logical me is thinking I should take them back but the vain me is thinking keep them because they are so pretty. I am not sure.

I am also spending an alarming amount of time on youtube learning how to do my hair. I have a solid backup plan but I want to learn to do a messy updo with a headband like this.

I am considering making my own but if I see one I like, I'll just get it. Shopping on etsy has been super fun. Lots of hair accessories and lots of bags too look at. Now I just need to find someone to alter the dress and I am ready to party! Yippeee!


Vivian said...

OMG you are going to the Oscars Yetta?!?!?!? WOHOOOOO, can't wait to see you on TV gal, I'm so lucky to know a famous friend/family :D

Be sure to show us pix of all the glitz and glamour!!!

langlangcreations said...

Okay, let me clarify. We are going to the Oscar Science and Tech Awards ceremony which happens 2 weeks before the actual Oscar. I highly doubt we'll be on TV. Sorry to burst your bubble. :-P

Nathalie said...

LOVE the dress!!! You're going to look fantastic!! :) Have fun Yetta!

langlangcreations said...

Thanks, Nat!

Tofuland said...

Which headband did you buy instead of the BR one?

langlangcreations said...

I got two. One has two bands about 1/4 inch wide each. One band is silver and the other is gold. I got a second one that is similar to the one pictured on this entry. It has three strands and in silver. There are tiny silver beads on the strands, no crystals though. I think I will go with that one. The silver and gold is a back up and more for everyday wear.