Thursday, August 6, 2009


I guess we can call it practice Disneyland? This little park is called Fairyland and and boasts itself to be the inspiration for what Walt eventually built. It's cute and quite charming.

First, you can get this magic key to put into these boxes everywhere in the park and the boxes tell you a little about each story.

Everything is toddler sized. Look at this castle.

The boy is always on the go.

He loved this little nook so much that he went in and out no less than 20 times.

Then he had to wait with the donkey while the girls had fun.

The girls had a great time on the Ferris Wheel. I didn't know my girl had it in her. These rides are all built for little kids and no adults are allowed. She went on with her friend without even consulting with me. She is growing up, isn't she.

Then the boy did quite a bit of waiting around because he wasn't big enough for the rides. Then, he found something totally amusing - sand slide!

As most of our adventures go, this outing ended when Her Highness got injured. Look at the serious injuries of 1st degree skinned hands - BOTH hands! She also skinned her knees. Somebody, quick! Call an ambulance!

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