Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feel Good Crafting

I jumped off the sewing wagon when we went on vacation. It's hard to become motivated and start sewing regularly again. Plus, I keep telling myself that we'd be on another trip soon so the sewing will be interrupted again. As a result, I needed some feel good crafting. Something I can start and finish in less than a couple of hours. More than that and I loose my patience with it. I also want something that I can use. So, here are some random stuff I made in the past two weeks.

A couple pairs of long overdue boxers for Hubby. These each took a little over half and hour.

A couple of new hats. Neither of them are for the kids but they had fun modeling. These hats are very easy to make. Took about 30 min each. I don't think they fit very well though. I have to try altering the pattern again or experiment with straps/elastic.

I am not even sure if this counts as crafts. I just added more pictures to our wall of pictures. When I say "I" added pictures, I meann Hubby did all the work while I pointed my little finger and various parts of the wall.

A little dress for little baby Ali.

A whole bunch of onesies for baby Alison, baby Mary-Kate and baby Emily. Two of these are not my design. I saw it on Made By Rae and replicated it. Can you tell which ones aren't mine? (Hers look like this and this.)

Then I made a super easy skirt based on this tutorial. I have enough of this fabric to make one more clutch and then I am all out. Do you remember the top and the dress I made with this?

In the midst of all this, the girl tried her hands for the first time at quilting. It was a combination of her pushing the foot pedal on the sewing table with her hands and me stepping on the pedal while holding her hands and showing her how to maneuver the fabric.

It's nothing fancy. This is the other side of the K quilt. She decided to give it to Baby Ali because "all babies need lots of blankets".

Finally, I made this bag. Let me just say that it was way more than two hours and there was lots of swearing involved. However, I love the look of this bag and I love the fabric. It is the exact amount I cut off to make the chair. How perfect is that?

Here is a random picture. The kids are watching TV together. Two interesting things: 1. The baby shows a lot more empathy when watching movies. For instance, he is quite concerned when cars crash into each other while the girl couldn't care less. This picture shows him worrying about the movie while the girl is quite relaxed. 2. The chair the girl is on is a Craig's purchase and I meant to slipcover it. I still have to do it. I guess I will try and work on it in September.


Bubble said...

Wow....I love them all!! You're so talented!

Nathalie said...

Everything looks great Yetta! I love the purse and the onesies!! What did you use to draw on the onesies?

langlangcreations said...

Thanks ladies. Nat - the onesies are stenciled with fabric paint. There are lots of different kinds. I finally found one that I really like. I think it's called Fabric Soft. I gave away the catepillar and owl already. Of the other three, do you have a favorite?

Nathalie said...

Thanks for the info Yetta! Hmmm.. it's a tough choice between the giraffe and the rain cloud.. Let's go giraffe!! :)