Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We went! I must be old because I was only mildly amused. Hubby and I went to see the circus a few years before we had the kiddies and I was wildly amused. This time, though entertaining, I found the performance insincere. The jokes were too well rehearsed and the dance movements were sloppy. My favorite from last time, the contortionists, were missing. However, I was quite impressed by the number of animals they had. I expected, literally, 3 - 5 elephants and 2-3 tigers. We saw at least 10 elephants, 12 tigers, I don't even know how many dogs, 10 horses and 6 zebras. Wooohoooo!

Baby managed to fall asleep in the car 10 minutes before we arrived at the Circus. So we had to push him in the stroller. You'd be amazed at how much noise he can ignore when he is sleeping.

The girls had a chance to go up close and personal to see the animals before the show. I caught this picture right after they saw the animals. I guess they were not sure how to feel about it.

We woke the baby up just before the show started. "Huh??? Where am I? Costumes??? Weirdos???"

After the show the girl was quite impressed. She started acting out the scenes with her toys.

To get a sense of how awesome the girl thought this was, we had this conversation:

M: Did you like the circus?
K: Yes!
M: Is the circus more fun or the playground more fun?
K: Circus!
M: Is the swimming pool more fun or the circus more fun?
K: Circus!
M: Is dancing class more fun or circus?
K: Circus!
M: Is the zoo more fun or the circus?
K: Circus!
M: Is (insert her BFF's name)'s house more fun or the circus?
K: Both!

I don't know if it means the circus ranks really high or that I should just pay her friend's mom an admission and send her there instead. Sigh!

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